Nebojsa Pavic

University of Sheffield
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Hounsfield Rd
Sheffield, UK
S3 7RH

Office: J14b, Hicks Building



About me

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Sheffield under the supervision of Evgeny Shinder and a member of the Sheffield Algebraic Geometry group.

My research is in algebraic geometry, particularly I am interested in derived categories of singular varieties with applications in algebraic K-theory.

Pubications and Preprints

Conferences attended


I am a teaching assistant at the University of Sheffield where I have tutored classes such as Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra, Mathematics Core I/II and Numbers and Groups.

During my BSc and MSc at ETH Zurich I tutored Calculus, Complex Analysis and Linear Algebra as well.

Other activities

In autumn 2018 I organized the Algebraic Geometry student seminar at Sheffield on Toric varieties (schedule).

In June 2018 I co-supervised a final year undergraduate student with Evgeny Shinder on a semester project on the topic: Counting points on elliptic curves over finite fields.

In spring 2018 I organized the Algebraic Geometry student seminar on the Singularity category of ADE singularities (schedule).